Biohazard Cleaning

Properties can be rendered uninhabitable and unsafe as a consequence of contamination with a range of biological hazards e.g. blood, body fluids, animal's excrement, or hazards associated with the build-up and decomposition of household waste. Any properties or land which has become contaminated with needles or sharps can also be cleared and rendered safe.

Materials, equipment, knowledge and experience are required to work safely and effectively, in the conditions associated with these hazardous environments and to protect against the risk of infection with blood borne viruses like H.I.V., Hepatitus, or airborne pathogens. It is this collection of specialist factors that CHS refer to as its BioRecovery Service.

Physical Illness

Physical ill health can prevent people from attending to routine cleaning jobs for extensive periods of time, thereby creating the conditions in which bio-hazards become apparent. Ailments, such as incontinence, can be difficult to manage in domestic situations and care facilities leading to extensive and complex cleaning needs.

Mental Illness

Sufferers of mental illness can experience difficulty with motivation and organisation skills required to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Major mental illness unfortunately can cause people to behave in bizarre and uncharacteristic ways, which lead to damage and deterioration of their environments.

Death & Decomposed Material

It is a distressing fact that death can have a devastating effect on the environment. Loss of blood and bodily fluids can be the cause of, or be associated with death. Those people who lie undiscovered for a period of time unfortunately, though inevitably, leave behind them situations that may well require the attention of a specialist cleaning service.

Deliberate / Criminal Damage

Blood and body fluids are frequently left behind as a result of criminal activity, for example: the burglars who cut themselves as they break a window to gain entry, the prepetrator of criminal damage who spreads excrement around the property, the drug user who leaves needles behind. Your isurers may deal with the financial loss. CHS will deal with the associated risk to your health.

Why the Need for a Bio-Recovery Service?

The people who use or encounter a bio-recovery service are frequently distressed. They may be grief-stricken, embarrassed, fearful or resentful of our intervention. The service we provide sensitive to the needs of our customers. Our staff are experienced at conducting their duties effectively and efficiently whilst maintaining the dignity of those emotionally affected.

Crime Scene Cleaning

CHS specialise in providing a crime scene clean-up service. Our specialist team of crime scene cleaners work throughout Wales and South of England to provide work for Social Services, Housing Associations, undertakers and Police authorities who require this specialist cleaning service.

In police cells, all body fluids are disinfected and removed leaving the cell completely sanitised. We can also disinfect areas contaminated with body lice and other microscopic infestations and viruses.

We provide the complete service for Bio-Recovery,  handling all incineration of contaminated items, or uses another approved registered waste carrier where necessary.